Port Security Officer (PSO)
There are no training obligations for Port Security Officers (PSO). The Only Legal requirement is ‘adequate knowledge to perform the task’. The ‘Code of practice on security in Ports‘, a joint publication of IMO and ILO, provides ‘General Guidelines’ for the skills of a PSO.

Courses for Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) cover the knowledge required for an PSO for a large part.

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
The Netherlands has no mandatory training for Port Facility Security Officers. Regulation (EC) 725/2004 (or the ISPS Code) provides the legal requirements that a PFSO must meet. The IMO has issued ‘Guidelines  on training and certification for Port Facility Security Officers‘ (MSC.1 / Circ 1188). The ‘Competency Matrix for PFSO’s‘ puts the competencies in perspective.

Courses (voluntary) for PFSO’s are given by several training institutes.

Port Security Guard
Security Guards that provide security services in port areas, are required to take a Port Security course at a by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment ‘Accredited Training Institute‘. Port Security Officers (PSO) see to it that Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) only employ authorised security guards, that have followed this additional Port Security Guard training.
Note that the regulations will be modified in the nearby future. Instead of following an accredited Port Security Guard course, a central exam will be mandatory. Subscribe to the Port Security Center newsletter to stay informed on the latest developments.

Other Staff with security tasks
The PFSO must ensure that personnel that performs security tasks at the port facility is sufficiently trained. The requirements are provided in the EU regulation, 725/2004. The IMO has issued ‘Guidelines on security-related training and familiarization for port facility personnel‘ (MSC.1 / Circ 1341).

For this goal Port Security Center regularly organizes in company Security Awareness sessions and offers other training possibilities through respected partners.

Also the Confederation of European Security Services has created a European Training Manual for Maritime Security Personnel, covering all required security aspects of the ISPS-code.