The Dutch certification process

The Dutch certification process can be divided into 4 steps

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  1. Application

    The certification process begins with an application for (re)certification. Use the application form that can be downloaded from the website. Send your completed form along with the latest version of your Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP) to the local Review Team. Use a safe file sharing service by requesting an upload-link via the e-mail address provided.

  2. Port Facility Security Assessment

    The Review Team will conduct a Port Facility Security Assessment (risk analysis) of your facility. This includes a review of the current Port Facility Security Plan and the security measures currently implemented against the legislation in force. The reviewers may visit your facility. The information provided by you in the application and the outcome of the review the competent authority (the Mayor of your town) will decide on the Security Assessment. The result consists of a risk analysis and a list of actions for improvements to be performed by the Port Facility.

  3. Improving

    Based on the Port Facility Security Assessment and the corresponding action list you will need to update your Port Facility Security Plan and security measures. If you are ready, you can send the new version of your Port Facility Security Plan together with an overview of the improvements that you made to the local Review Team. Use the safe file sharing service by using the upload-link provided earlier.

  4. Certification

    The review team will check the improvements made. If the review team agrees with the adjustments you made, the team will recommend the Competent Authority to issue the ISPS certificate.

  5. Note: There is a new Model for the Port Facility Security Plan as well as a list with important review subjects, that can be helpful in creating or adjusting your PFSP. They can be downloaded from our site.