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Workshop Cybersecurity and ISPS – Drill/Exercise Q3

September 7, 2016: Workshop Cybersecurity

The ISPS Code aims at making our Ports more resistant to crime. With an ever more advanced automation and the emergence of the “Internet of things”, cybercrime is an increasing risk to take into account. Cybersecurity will therefore become an important topic in Port Security in the near future. As a PFSO you are expected to know whether your organization is ‘In Control’ in this respect. Port Security Center helps you to gain knowledge on the subject and provides you with practical tools to implement in your own organization!

Why participate?

  • Cybersecurity will become a hot item in your ISPS Review in the next years
  • Expert speakers will inform you about the risks and solutions and your role in cybersecurity in an accessible manner, so you will be well prepared for your assessment
  • You can use your participation as an ISPS exercise!
  • You will receive a certificate of participation and a convenient checklist that can be used to put into practice what you have learned
  • Network afterwards in a casual atmosphere with your colleague PFSO’s

You can register until August 24 by sending an email to info@portsecuritycenter.eu stating the requested information. After your registration you will receive a confirmation with your invoice. A few days before the meeting, you will receive an email with the final details. The certificate of participation you will receive after the event, provided your payment has been received.

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