Security Awareness Training

For most terminals the PFSO and Security are mostly well informed about the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. However, it is important that also other staff knows what ISPS is about, what – and most off all why – measures are taken and what procedures are in place to ensure the security of the port facility and the ships mooring there.

Port Security Center offers in company training that is customized to your terminal. The training normally consists of the following subjects, but can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • The ISPS-Code – background, laws and regulations
  • Why is your Port Facility ISPS-certified and what does that mean
  • Ground plan with overview of physical measures taken (entrances, camera’s, lighting, etc.)
  • Parties involved (PFSO, SSO, PSO, government authorities, but also other staff with specific security related duties)
  • Different security levels and the applicable procedures
  • Specific tasks of participants present: what do they need to report and how (preferably supported by examples that occurred at the terminal)
  • Alarm and evacuation
  • Drills and exercises

A small test can be used to test transfer of knowledge and understanding.

Participants receive an abstract of the relevant information and a certificate of participation on completion.