1. Port Security Center has set up an online register of training institutes for the (general) Security Guard education and the additionally required Port Security Guard certificate and for licenced suppliers of certified Port Security Guards, in order to make it easy for you to find the right partner. Interested in registration? Contact us through
  2. Port Security Center is developping an e-Learning on Human trafficking and smuggling in cooperation with the Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid (CCV) and other partners. The e-learning will be developped paralel to the CCV’s e-learning on Human Trafficking for municipalities. Interested in cooperation? Contact us through
  3. Port Security Center supports a Research at the LOI, into the similarities and differences in the implementation of the ISPS-Code between Belgium and the Netherlands.
  4. Port Security Center is involved in the Marktsegment Orde & Veiligheid at the Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB).
  5. Port Security Center is member of the Examencommissie and the Commissie van Deskundigen for the Havenbeveiliger exam at the Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisaties (SVPB).
  6. Port Security Center represents the interests of the affiliated and all other Port Facilities in consultations with the Ministries, Dienst Justis and Korpscheftaken of the Dutch Police concerning the implementation of the Havenbeveiligingswet (under the jurisdiction of the Ministerie van Infrastructuur & Waterstaat) in relation to the Wet Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisaties en Recherchebureaus (Wpbr, under the jurisdiction of the Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid).

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