Other partners

Port Security Center works with trusted partners:

For security education:
Together with the ROC van Amsterdam Port Security Center has developped a special education for Port Security Guards. This education is based on the MBO 2 Beveiliger Qualification (25690) and integrates the Keuzedeel Port Safety & Security (K0743). This keuzedeel will be provided bij Port Security Academy. After succesful completion of the education the students meet all legal requirements as requested by the Dutch Wet Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisaties en Recherchebureaus and the Havenbeveiligingswet.

Together with SDR® Academy Port Security Center has developed a unique Port Security Awareness Program for Port Facility Personnel, aimed at awareness, communication and public safety as well as knowledge and skills needed for compliance with the ISPS-Code. During the training, you will learn how to look for the first signs of deviant behaviour (Search).You will learn to separate prejudices such as external characteristics and ethnicity from your perception and your primary emotion evoked by deviant behaviour (Detect). You will also learn how to perform checks based on protocols and specific signals. Responding early and adequately prevents escalation, which stimulates a safe and secure society (React).

Avans Hogeschool, in particular their bachelor Integrale Veiligheid (integrated safety & security), educates the future experts in the field. Port Security Center contributes to their curriculum and opens it’s network of ISPS certified terminals to their students.

For proactive security
For consultancy, projectmanagement and training regarding security, terrorism and intelligence and training courses in this area: Advanced Security Intelligence.

For training and consultancy on proactive security, security questioning, profiling and intelligence: Trio Security.

For incident respons consultancy and training:
Kappetijn – Safety Specialists: KSS helps its clients to improve their risk management. KSS knows the maritime world in which a large part of its clients operates, and is well informed about the relevant laws and regulations (including BRZO, ISPS and KEW), industry guidelines (including NFPA, IAEA) and insurers guidelines (eg FM Global guidelines). The consultants help you identify the threats and incident scenarios that are relevant to your organisation and guide you in preparing for crises and continuity preparation aim, while aiming at business continuity and minimizing company and image damage. Compliance alone is not enough to fulfill your companies and environments needs and expectations. That is why KSS – like Port Security Center – likes to take a step extra to take your safety to a higher level. They support you in increasing the security awareness and the level of knowledge of your employees and your environment and the recording of responsibilities. KSS supports, advises and makes plans, provides training and (where necessary) helps you evaluate after incidents, in order to continuously improve.
The five directions where you can use KSS’s expertise are:

  1. Industrial company emergency organization, incident & crisis management
  2. Mutual Aid in port and industrial areas
  3. Security / ISPS and Business Continuity
  4. Seveso / BRZO and policy issues at risk companies
  5. External security issues at companies and governments

    For Predictive Profiling and Evaluating Truthfulness:
    OrcaSecure BVOrcaSecure aims to make security effective through an integrated approach with the methodology of predictive profiling and trained security guards. OrcaSecure focusses on the human factor and provides Education and training, Services and Consultation, Workshops and presentations and Red Teaming in the context of assurance of quality.

    Preforce Preforce Consultancy offers workshops “pro-active protection and security” that are aimed at increasing safety awareness within the organisation and for all people concerned and involved. The workshops are given by enthusiastic professionals with a lot of experience in security. The workshops’ contents are determined in cooperation with the client, as principal, and adjusted to the needs of the target group and the necessities concerning the disciplines, responsibilities, vulnerabilities and organizational goals.

    Woodland Emotional IntelligenceWoodland Emotional Intelligence organizes workshops and courses in the field of Face-to-Face, high stakes conversation and influence techniques. As Paul Ekman Licensed Delivery Center (LDC) for the Netherlands Woodland EI has many years of experience in the field, working amongst others for the Ministery of Defense.

    For fire prevention products, consultancy and training:
    Inprevo: Inprevo focuses on the prevention of calamities and helps organizations to create fire safety. Inprevo supports organizations in identifying their risks and complying with laws and regulations. They help you to determine your vision and policy from the concept ‘Safety Thought-out’. Business risks are identified and provided with clear and practical points for improvement. Inprevo delivers:

    • Consultancy
    • Training
    • Products

    For Advice on GDPR/AVG Compliance:
    Port Privacy: a consultancy firm specialised in privacy with years of experience in Ports

    SafeSecur: a consultancy firm that provides integrated advice on the security of your organisation and structural buildings, incl. cybersecurity and GDPR/AVG.

    For external events:
    Clockwork International is a valued partner of Port Security Center for the organisation of trade mission, matchmaking and networking events, exhibitions, seminars, B2B events and other shared network activities for business purposes and alliances. Clockwork International furthermore focuses on Business Development, Public Relations, Communication & Engagement management, New product introduction, and further expansion/distribution to other countries and markets.

    NT Publishers regularly organizes Port related events and publishes Nieuwsblad Transport, a Dutch magazine, that focusses on the transport & logistics sector and Mainport Magazine, that focusses on Ports.

    The Studiecentrum Bedrijf & Overheid (SBO; Study Center for Business and Government) specializes in developing and organizing high-quality conferences and training. In all their events you will meet speakers and teachers who are experts in their field. Through our partnership you receive an interesting discount on SBO events that are relevant to Port Security.