National implementation

the Netherlands
The ISPS-Code has been implemented in Dutch Law: the “Havenbeveiligingswet“.

Also important to know about are the:

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Read more about the legal obligations on the page on this subject (only in Dutch).

Belgium has implemented the European legislation in the “Wet Maritieme Beveiliging” (5 februari 2007) and the “Koninklijk Besluit Maritieme Beveiliging” (21 april 2007).

At a federal level the Nationale Autoriteit voor Maritieme Beveiliging (NAMB) is responsible, locally (port) the Lokaal Comité voor Maritieme Beveiliging (LCMB). The ADCC is responsible for determining the security level.

United Kingdom
The UK has enacted The Ship and Port Facility (Security) Regulations 2004, these bring the EU Regulation 725/2004 into UK law.

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