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    • relevant laws and regulations
    • developments in the review process and enforcement of the ISPS-Code
    • training sessions and workshops
    • inspiration for your periodic drills and exercises
  • Access to available model documents and formats
  • Invitation and discounts to our
  • Members can introduce guests to our events. When guests participate for the first time, they pay the membership fee. For subsequent participations the non-member price will be charged, unless they become a member themselves.
  • Access to surveys, checklists, factsheets, apps, simulations, games, videos and other tools to enable training and facilitate drills and exercises
  • Receive certificates to prove your effort to comply with the ISPS-code regulations. We are even trying to get them recognized by IMO and local authorities! The more members, the easier it is to get this recognition
  • Access to our extensive network of Port (Facility) Security Officers and other members
  • The possibility to create working groups and committees to join efforts
    • to consult and lobby with authorities and
    • develop events, training, checklists, factsheets, apps, simulations, games, and other tools for future use

    Events, training and tools may be free of charge or charged separately. Members often get an interesting discount.

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