If there are any security related incidents occuring at your terminal, you will need to report them to the authority. You can use the MOBI to report your incidents in the Netherlands. Port Security Center has made a factsheet on what and how to report.

It is also required to keep a record of incidents that have occurred at your Port Facility in order to find out structural defaults in your security. This information can be used to improve your security by taking the appropriate measures. Port Security Center offers you a standard format for this record of incidents.

Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)
All the passenger and cargo ships above 300 GT involved in the voyages in international waters have to carry GMDSS equipment. A ship can use GMDSS to send out a distress signal via a satellite or radio communication equipment. It’s also used as a medium for sending or receiving maritime safety information and general communication channel. In emergencies GMDSS is used for on scene coordination between the survival craft and the search and rescue units. Read more on the GMDSS on