Group App

Port Security Center has set up a group app to report security incidents that are relevant for other PFSO’.

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Usage Rules

  • This group app is used for emergency purposed concerning Port Security only;
  • Participants have a minimum age of 18 years;
  • Participants are domiciled in Ports in the Netherlands and Belgium;
  • The Group App is a citizens’ initiative. The police only comes into action, when 112 is notified;
  • Use our Group App according to the SAAR abbreviation:
    • S = See and recognize suspect behavior
    • A = Alert 112 (in case of no emergency, call 0900-8844)
    • A = App to notify others of what you have seen
    • R = React, for example go out and have a chat with the person to find out what his/her intentions are. This will help to disrupt his/her potentially harmful plans. Only do this, if you can do it safely without risks!;
  • Inform each other if 112 has been called. This avoids multiple 112 reports;
  • Watch your language. We do not tolerate swearing, cursing, discrimination and the like;
  • Do not play judge and jury and do not violate any rules / laws.
    E.g.: don’t hold a mobile phone while driving;
  • Posting photos of a suspect may only be done for providing a description, and only when necessary and of value! Offender characteristics such as gender, race, length, posture and hair colour can also be described in words. For vehicles describe the color, make, model and license plate number;
  • Use this Group App only for what it is intended for and not for private contacts / messages.

Additional conditions for participation:

  • To be a member of the group you need to be located in a Port area;
  • To be a member of the group you need to be Port Facility Security Officer, Port Security Officer, Designated Authority, employed for a relevant Authority or have another relevant role in Port Security;
  • Failure to keep to the House Rules above will lead to expulsion from the group;
  • In all cases not covered by these conditions, Port Security Center will decide.