Can you spot the drone?

Did you find it in the right spot?

Courtesy of Bailey Eubanks and BP Cherry Point refinery in the U.S.

Did you know that drones can pose a security threat?
Hackers can use them to hack into all your unprotected devices.
Criminals can use them to spy on you or find out information on your terminal operation that they can use for their criminal activities. Like if there are any uncontrolled access points or when your security guard goes on a break. Or even where their drug container is positioned.
And if the drone flies high enough, you probably won’t even notice it…

Did you know you’re not allowed to fly a drone everywhere?
Ports are most often considered to be no-fly zones.
Check out the official rules and regulations, as they were recently stipulated for the Netherlands and Belgium. European regulations are in preparation for 2018.
And keep out an eye for drones above or around your terminal.
If you don’t know why they are there, try to find out and if you can’t or if they’re not there for acceptable reasons: report them!

However: they can also be put to good use, as the Port of Antwerp does (Dutch article).